Garantías de los derechos humanos en Ucrania: cuestiones problemáticas y formas de su solución en el ámbito social y jurídico

AutorYevhen Leheza/Tatiana Filipenko/Olha Sokolenko/Valerii Darahan/Oleksii Kucherenko
CargoUniversity of Customs and Finance, Ukraine/Mariupol State University, Ukraine/Dnipro National University, Ukraine/State University of Internal Affairs/State University of Internal Affairs, Ukraine
Ensuring Human Rights in Ukraine:
Problematic Issues and Ways of their
Solution in the Social and Legal Sphere
Yevhen Leheza *
Tatiana Filipenko **
Olha Sokolenko ***
Valerii Darahan ****
Oleksii Kucherenko *****
The article discusses some complex factors influencing the
process of realization of human rights in Ukraine, highlights the
unified approach to the classification of legal norms that exercise
human rights and freedoms, as well as problems and development
prospects. Now the real protection of human rights is one of the
most acute problems of the Ukrainian reality. It serves as one
of the most important tasks, not only for t he functioning but also for the
existence of the Ukrainian state. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that
guaranteeing respect for human rights in Ukraine is only possible through
effective reform of the power system and compliance with an integrated
approach to guarantee human rights, both by the State and by society. civil.
It is concluded that guaranteeing the general enjoyment and enjoyment
of human rights is a matter of co-responsibilities, which is why it is also
negatively affected by the rigid opposition of the political forces, which
undermines the stability of society, the stability of the constitutional order,
while increasing the low level of legal culture of officials and citizens.
Keywords: human rights in Ukraine; legal guarantees; social and
legal field; human rights issues; democracy in Ukraine.
* Professor, Doctor of Science in law, Professor at the Department of Admi nistrative and Customs Law,
University of Customs and Finance, Ukraine. E-mail: yevhenleheza@gm
** Professor, Doctor of Science in law, Professor of Department of Law and Pu blic Administration,
Mariupol State University, Ukraine. Email: tatkafili
*** Professor, Doctor of Science in law, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Oles Ho nchar Dnipro National
University, Ukraine. Email:
**** Аssistant professor, Doctor of Science in law, Head of the Dep artment of Criminal Procedure,
Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs, Ukraine. Email:
***** PhD in law, Leading specialist of human resources department, Dnipropetrovsk State University
of Internal Affairs, Ukraine. Email:
Recibido: 02/03/2020 Aceptado: 04/04/2020.
Vol. 37, Nº 64 (enero-junio) 2020, 124-136
IEPDP-Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Políticas - LUZ

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