Re Dilasser [Venezuela, Federal and Cassation Court.]

Número de expedienteCase No. 99
Fecha27 Marzo 1951
EmisorCorte Federal (Venezuela)
Venezuela, Federal and Cassation Court.
Case No. 99
In re Dilasser et Al.

Extradition — In General — Absence of Treaty of Extradition — Reciprocity — The Law of Venezuela.

The Facts.—France requested the surrender of Dilasser, a French national, and Belostoski, alias Beleau, a native of Russia, on charges of swindling and being an accessory to the act, respectively. In the absence of a treaty between the two States, the extradition request was based on the principle of reciprocity. The defendants sought a rehearing on the charges but were refused by the Federal Chamber on the ground that there was no cause for such a proceeding.

Held: that the request for extradition must be granted. In the absence of a treaty between the parties, extradition could be granted on the basis of reciprocity. The Court found that the fugitives were wanted for extraditable offences and stated that where the procedural requirements of Venezuelan law had been...

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